About Us


The New England Ice Racing Association (NEIRA) provides circle-track auto racing on ice! We offer five (5) different weekly divisions, including Street Stock, 4-Cylinder Front Wheel Drive, 4-Cylinder Rear Wheel Drive, Modifieds, and 4-Cylinder Combined, all vying for weekly trophies and the chance to be the year-end champion! A local motorcycle racing club provides exciting action during intermission with 2-wheel racing, and when time and ice conditions permit we also have a powder-puff (ladies) race and a mechanics race. Chains are added to the wheels for traction and snowbanks provide walls for safety (and sometimes stuck racecars!)

Racing is held on Milton Three Ponds, in Milton, NH, accessed through the Mi-Te-Jo Campground, located off Town House Road. Weekly racing begins in January, as soon as ice conditions permit and continues as long as ice conditions allow. The gate opens at 10:00 a.m., with the first green flag dropping at noon. Amenities are provided in the form of port-a-potties and usually lunch trucks to make the day as comfortable and fun as possible!

An ice-line is available to call for information regarding racing schedules, meeting schedules, up-coming events, or to leave a message should you wish to obtain rules, membership forms, or to speak to a member in person. Call 603-652-4ICE (4423)!

NEIRA is a non-profit organization committed to clean, safe racing in the community. We have strict rules regarding ice cleanliness for racers, and we also ask our spectators to keep the ice clean. Our end-of-the-day cleanup crew ensures that we leave the ice as clean as it was before we used it. We have an ice safety crew responsible for checking ice conditions to ensure everyone’s safety. We begin racing when the ice is at least a solid foot thick and continue to monitor the conditions throughout the season. We also ask that all spectators and racing crews maintain idle speed at all times possible when in our racing area and when entering and exiting the campground property. Snowmobilers are asked to keep all machines out of our racing area (outside the outer-most snow bank) for the safety of our fans, crews and workers.



President, Jim Couch (603) 509-0592

Vice President, Bruce Sullivan (603) 337-5029

Treasurer, Kristi Couch (603) 509-0593

Secretary, Lisa Hess (603)866-1986

Board of Directors

Andy Burrows (603) 822-6488

Robert Hess (603) 866-1985

DJ Mills (603) 708-0471

Jason Brannan (603) 473-8381

Jeff Stevens (603) 733-8984

Norm Brooks (603) 834-1142

Rich Belanger (603) 834-1220

Ron Washburn (603) 973-3908

Jeff Copp (603) 312-5623

603-652-4ICE (4423)